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Thassos is the most northen island of Greece. With beautiful nature and great beaches maybe Thassos is one of the most beautiful islands of the country. Tourism is still relatively in its infancy and everywhere you'll feel that typical Greek atmosphere. It's a very mountainous island with a lot of green vegetation. Thassos should be the greenest island of Greece. The island has more than hundred bays with the most beautiful sandy beaches. Even in the summer months a lot of them are very quiet. In the inner part of the island you'll find runnels, water falls and authentic villages. Don't forget to visit the ancient theatre of Thassos. And if you want to go to the continent for a while: you can visit the mainland of Greece by boat. The trip starts in Limenas and it takes only half an hour to reach the opposite site. There you find the interesting city of Kavala. But if you drive further, you could even visit Thessalonica.


A visit to Thassos starts on the mainland. From the airport of Kavala you go by ferry to Thassos and you'll arrive the main town of Thassos: Limenas, in the North of the island. A picturesque small town with a very nice atmosphere. Under the large lime tree of the the rural square you can watch the typical Greek tableaux. The old port is called Limanaki. You can find innumerable taverna's and small bars and in the cosy small streets you'll find a lot of shops with local food and souvenirs.

Skala Potamias

To the East coast of Thassos you find the small town called Skala Potamias. It's a fisherman village that has developed up to one of the most important touristcentres of the island. From this place you look up to the Ypsarion, the highest mountain of Thassos (1200 m.). If you want to hike, the area around Skala Potamias is a very good base. You can also find here the most beautiful beaches of Thassos.

Picturesque and villages

The green isle of Thassos is surrounded by a road of 100 km. At the eastside you'll find the most beatiful part of the island. Here everything is green and you have a beautiful view on the bays and the small islands in front of the coast. In the inner part of the island you'll still find picturesque villages. Kasavitis for example. This is a medieval village and it still looks if time stood still there. You'll find a lot of small squares and old country houses, surrounded by a lot of fruit trees. Also visit a village called Skala Rachoni. And in the direction of Kinira you'll find beautiful beaches.

Walking on Thassos

Thassos is a great island for walking and hiking. The Dutch  Roos Gruwel lives on the island of Thassos. She was nature guide and a teacher in biology and she knows the island very good. In association with travel organisations she organizes walkingtours on Thassos. She'll tell you during the tour about nature, mythology and the way the population of Thassos still lives in harmony with the nature of Thassos.

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