Holidays in Greece

Unknown Skyros

Skyros town in the evening.

The Greek island of Skyros is relatively unknown. No wonder. Untill a few years ago you had to do a lot to get there: first a flight to Athens, then you had to find you way by bus to the port Kimi on the peninsula Evia and after that you had to go a few hours by boat. But than you got your reward: each time when the ferryboat arrived in the picturesque harbor of Linaria, from the hills sounded the piece of music 'Also sprach Zarathustra' from Richard Strauss. A warm welcome! A very special tradition that still exists. But since a few years the island has it's own The cross I bear. airport. As soon as you reach Skyros - by boat or plane - you reach an island with it's own atmosphere. The real island life! No mass tourism but only an island with picturesque bays, some excavations, authentic taverns and above all a capital as from a fairy-tales book. Skyros-town, or Chora, is built against a high rock. All houses are painted white. Kind inhabitants are proud to show you there houses, full of traditional artwork. Sometimes it looks like a small museum, with local ceramics, woodcarving and much more. Skyros is a charming island. But don't visit Skyros in August: than it's really too busy because the Greek do have holidays in August themselves. Have fun!

Watch this nice movie about Skyros: