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Take a walk on Samos

Holidays on the Greek island of Samos - Greece

Samos is a beautiful mountainous and green island in the east of Greece, nearby the Turkish coast. One of the most beautiful parts of the island you can find in the surroundings of the seaside resort Kokkari. There you can walk also delightfully. There are excellent walkingbooks available, in different languages. But don't think too light of it: you're not walking in a park here, so a good description and enough water is very important. A beautiful walk takes you for instance to the Valley of the Nightingales. You walk through beautiful forests, with great views and you walk trough the picturesque streets of the mountain village of Manolates. Also the village Vourliotes is beautiful. When you arrive at the village square you can taste the fresh oranges from the surroundings.

Much more

Vakantie in Griekenland - SamosSamos has much more to enjoy. Beautiful beaches, amusing villages, honey sellers and ceramists along the way. And for who loves a boat trip: you can also go to the Turkish town of Kusadasi, where you can shop till you drop. Samos Town is also a visit worth. In the evening it's very cosy along the boulevard and in the main shopping street. And by day we recommend to visit at the higher situated Vathi, the old part of the city. Because of the pirates this area was built in the 17th century not too close to the seafront. With a rental car, you see everything on Samos. But expecially when you take a walk, Samos is an oasis of quietness. Moreover the island has excellent buslines. Have fun on Samos!

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