Holidays in Greece

Plomari: the hidden secret of Lesbos

Holidays on the Greek island of Lesvos - Plomari - Greece

After many years we revisited the island of Lesbos (or Lesvos in modern Greek). And where we were totally fallen in love with the small town of Molivos during our first stay, we went the southern Plomari now. Before we left home we were warned: be aware of the fact that you go to a out-of-the-way corner of the island. You have to drive a lot discover the rest of the island. But at the same time that was just what we wanted. A part of the island where tourists are exceptions. And it was a success. From our apartment in the resort Agios Isidoris, we drove in just ten minutes to the city of Plomari. Wellknown of the ouzo (you can visit e.g. the factory of Barbayannis !) and 100 % Greek. When we visited the village square of Plomari on our first day, we took a table under the old plane-tree, a Greek played the bouzouki. A woman came to outside and started to sing a song. Pure rebetika. And after a while young and old people where singing together in a circle. Not for tourists, but because they liked it. And so was Plomari. A special place to be. A small town where you drink a Greek coffee in the old kafenion by day and where you can enjoy Greeks that walk the 'volta' late in the evening. Plomari is the hidden secret of Lesbos!

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