Holidays in Greece
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Picturesque Parga!


When told I my friends I went to Parga, nobody had heard of this Greek place before. You can find Parga in the northwest of Greece, not too far from Albania and opposite the wellknown island of Corfu. It's a beautiful town that I can recommend to everybody who loves the real Greece! But do not go in August, than it's really too busy, because in this month the Greek do have holidays themselves. But whenever you go, Parga is an authentic village with a overwhelming atmosphere and a beautiful sight.

Holidays in Parga

What to see?

In Parga there are three different beaches: from the boulevard you jump directly on Krioneri Beach, where you can rent a sunshade for a little money. In the opposite of this beach you can see the small island of Panagia. It has two churches and you find there the remainders of an old fortress. Take a swim (or a watertaxi) and visit it! With a boat or by foot over the high rock of Parga, you reach the long beach, called Valtos Beach. In the end of this beach there's a small harbour where you can take a boat to the centre of Parga or further to Lichnos Beach. If you're looking for a more quiet beach, there is Piso Krioneri, hidden behind a few hotels. A small beach where especially the Greek come to take a swim. A travel guide about Parga tells: 'The privacy and the comforting noises of the sea do you help to forget time and troubles here.' And it is true! Next to beaches, Parga offers a large fortress, on the top of the rock, many amusing stores and a large number of taverns. From the pier different boats depart to various sights, to quiet beaches and to the beautiful island of Paxos.


You can find Parga in the Greek district called Epirus. Nature is amazing in this area and there is so much to see. Visit the mythological river Acheron for instance. In the small village of Gliki (of Glyki), you can get into this ice-cold river and take a walk in the water. A great experience, especially during the hot summer months. Furthermore you find in the direct surroundings of Parga various authentic villages, where you can taste the real Greek atmosphere.

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