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Naxos: jewel of the Cyclades

The Cyclades is the name of one of the most characteristic groups of islands in Greece. In addition to the wellknown destinations of Mykonos and Santorini Naxos is an island to fall in love with. Naxos is also the largest and most fertile island of the Cyclades.

beautiful Naxos

We call this island Corfu, the Greeks talk about Kerkyra. This beautiful green island in the Mediterranean Sea is an ideal introduction to best things that Greece offers you. You can walk, cycle or enjoy the most excellent beaches. And in the evening you'll meet the friendly islanders tasting the delicious Greek food and a glass of retzina.

Too good to be true

From the Netherlands there is no direct flight to Naxos. So your holidays usually begin with a flight to the island of Santorini. From here you take the boat to Chora, or Naxos-town. This capital was built as an amphitheater against the hills and brings you right in the Cyclades-spheres of beautiful white houses above a clear blue sea. The Venetian castle makes the romantic picture complete. Close to Naxos Town you will find the beach of Agios Georgios. But for the most beautiful beaches you go a little further, to Agia Anna for example.

Temple of Apollo

One of the most visited places of Naxos is the Portára, on a small Apollo Door - Naxos Greeceisland near the port of Naxos Town. This square marble structure was built in 552 BC. as a frontdoor of the never completed temple of Apollo. A very special place to visit, especially if you enjoy the most photogenic sunset of the Cyclades. 



Eldorado for hikers

But there is a lot of more to see on Naxos. The valley of Tragaia is a real eldorado for hikers. In the guidebooks you can find a lot of information and descriptions of hikes. Worthwhile, since Naxos is an island of green valleys, rugged mountains, beautiful beaches, springs, and lovely villages. In particular, the Melanes villages are worth visiting. Furthermore, the island is known for the marble mining and the local lemon liqueur. Cheers - have a good time on the island of Naxos!

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