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Beautiful Molivos - Lesbos

   GR Molivos Harbor 2003

It is a hot day in July. We trudge through the narrow streets down in the direction of sea. Since one week we feel ourselves inhabitants of the small town of Molivos on the Greek island Lesbos (or Lesvos in modern Greek). Molivos (also called Mythimna) is a beautiful town, because all cultivation is regulated by monuments care. Molivos has been built against a hill, with on top the fortress. Holidays on the Greek island of Lesbos Lesvos GreeceBut we go down now and just pass the old bakery with fresh bread in the morning. There are a lot of tourists here, but no mass tourism. In the pleasant streets (too small for a car!) a ceiling of grape tendrils protects us against the glaring sunbeams. We pass sellers of souveniers, foods and ceramics, sitting, waiting and wishing sleepily on the steps in the front of their stores. Then we arrive at the Tropicana tavern of Christos. This Greek is a man with a lot of humor. He has a tavern in the middle of the town, right under a huge plane-tree. A good atmosphere here. We drink a 'cold coffee' and continue our walk. Down at the boulevard we can go two ways. To the left the roads brings us at the open air movie theater. Especially the Greeks theirselves watch movies with griekse subtitles here. But we go to the right, in the direction of the harbor. Fishermen are repairing their nets while the tourists as well as the greek have a good meal in one of the good fish taverns over here... Molivos is heaven on earth. From this place you can explore quite easy a large part of Lesbos.

Tip: tour in the surroundings of Molivos

This tour starts in Molivos. You drive just five kilometres to the south and you're already in Petra, where the local inhabitants invite you to do a wish in the church on the high rock. You're wish might come true, at least, if you kerep your mouth while you go upstairs! After visiting the beautiful resort of Petra (where you can take a swim too!) you drive via Stipsi to Ipsilometopo, will the priest of the towns church will invite you (when he's awake!) and will give you an unforgetable guided tour. After that you follow the road via Pelopi (where Michael Dukakis was born!) in the direction of Skala Sikaminias, a small village with cute fisherboats where you can eat good sish in the pictoresque harbor. Along the coast, you go further to Skala Eftalou with an excellent sand beach and an ancient warm water source. After that you'll come back in Molivos again. An amusing journey that you make in a car or on a motor-bike.

More tips

There is a lot to see on Lesbos. From the petrified forest to the main town Mitilini. And don't forget the monasteries. Sometimes it feels like you're in the middle ages! And if you want to combine your journey to Lesbos with another island, than we suggest Chios. This is also a very quiet and green island in this part of Greece!

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