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Lesbos island

Lesbos Mithymna02The Greek island of Lesbos (or Lesvos in modern Greek) is a relatively large island, close to the Turkish coast. It's an island that has a lot to offer for people that love the real Greece. In the north you can find the beautiful place Molivos, all cultivation is regulated by monuments care here. It's a great mix of tourism and local village life. A few kilometres from Molivos you'll find a village called Petra with an excellent beach. Furthermore there's a lot of nature on Lesbos Island. For instance in the area of Skala Kallonis: the bay overhere is a real paradise for bird watchers! Also the petrified forest is a visit worth. A beautiful place is Agiassos  on the top of a high mountain and surrounded by impressive woods. You can find a beautiful church here and a lot of local taverns, Greek coffeeshops and small shops. In the south part of Lesbos you can find a small town called Plomari, with it's own character. This place is also known because of the ouzo production. The main town of Mytilini is also a visit worth. Lesbos is an island where you can do a lot and where you can meet the real Greek life.


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