Holidays in Greece
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Fresh fish in Koroni - Pelopónnesos


Who thinks of the Pelopónnesos, thinks often firstly of old cities as Sparta and Olympia. Not so strange, for this large peninsula forms the cradle of the Greek history.

Holidays in Greece - KoroniBut holiday is also enjoying the Greek life of today. Therefore we traveled to the Venetian fortress city Koroni, on the south west point of the peninsula. It is a beautiful port. Just as the rest of this Greek peninsula it's very quiet and unspoiled here. You have a great view of the Taygetos-mountains from here, 2500 m. high. There are a few stores, a beautiful fortress and a fantastic long sandy beach. And in the evenings, it is very pleasant along the boulevard. From Koroni you can for instance visit Methoni visit (with also a beautiful fort), visit the villages on the countryside or ride (with the car) via Kalamata to the Mani. This rough region lies at the other side of the bay, at the foot of the Taygetos mountains and is very beautiful. We guess to combine a vacation in Koroni with a stay in Stoupa, in the northern part of the Mani. From this amusing seaside resort you can explore the whole Mani.

Secret tip

Who wants to experience something very special, goes to the cemetary of Koroni in the evening, nearby the fortress. It is real spectacle of lights, for each evening someone lights an oil lamp on each tomb. A beautiful and impressive experience!

Take a look at Koroni and surroundings now, click on this picture: