Holidays in Greece

Kalymnos: island of the sponges

Wandering through the old streets of the island capital, enjoy a walk through the lush landscape or strolling through traditional villages? On the Greek island of Corfu it's all possible.

Kalymnos is a peaceful island that is part of the Dodecanese. From the Netherlands you'll first fly to Kos and from there you go by boat to the port of Pothia, the capital of the island. A beautiful arrival! The island is famous for its sponge fishing. Traditional sea divers from the island went even to the North African coast for months later to return with their sponges. These sponges are still everywhere on the island for sale.

Kalymnos is a rocky island. Many climbers make grateful use of this. And the island has two fertile valleys, where you can find lemons and mandarins. In stalls along the road inhabitants are selling homemade honey. The castle of Chora is a visit worth and the island has many nice villages. Just past the village Emborios, in north-west, you'll find a beautiful beach overlooking the bay. It feels like you are  at the end of the world here. Listen to the murmur of the sea and the goats in the hills behind you. Holidaytime!

The best best places to stay are Massouri and Myrties, both on the west side of Kalymnos. You have a beautiful view of the sunset behind the neighboring island Telendos.


Secret tip: Telendos

Telendos is our secret tip. In the village Myrties you can take every half hour the boat to Telendos. It's a short trip and it costs only a few euro's. The island is located a few hundred meters from Kalymnos. And here you will discover absolute peace. The boat arrives at a small road with a couple of nice tavernas. In this small villige you'll find the only inhabitants of this tiny island. There are many beaches and you can go for a nice walk. If you are Telendos should you decide to eat at Rita's Restaurant. She and her husband Jannis run this taverna and can tell you everything about the living on this island. In the next tavern of Georgios you can often listen to live Greek music by musicians of Telendos and Kalymnos. An absolute must!

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