Holidays in Greece



    Holidays in Greece:

    What about the weather?

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    Sunbathing and a Cigar


    If you book your holidays long time before, you can't be sure of the weather. But if you go in June, July or August to Greece, there's always a lot of sunshine. When you go just for one week in April or May, oyu take a riks of course. There are many weathersites that show you the weatherforecast for your destination. You can also see the weather of the same week or month in earlier years. A helpful indication but no garanty of cource. We give you a few good links. Weatheronline gives you the weatherforecast for the next three days. On Wunderground you can find Greek weatherforecasts and history. And for if you're getting warmer, you can also find the best tips to survive a heatwave on internet!


    Greece has the warmest climate of all South-European countries. It is a real Mediterranean climate. That means: dry, warm summers and mild, wet winters. But it's a large country and there are big differences in temperature and precipitation between north and south, east and west and between the continent and the islands. Spring is the most beautiful time to visit Greece. You can see a lot of flowers in this period and the weather is fine most of the times. In summer it can be very hot in Greece, in some summers the Greek have to deal with several heatwaves. In winter there's a lot of rain, but mostly during violent showers that don't take to long.



    The heat in the Greek summer means a high risk for forest-fires. Click on this picture to watch the movie: