Holidays in Greece
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Looking for the authentic Crete?

Most people associatel the island of Crete with crowded beaches, busy shopping streets and even traffic jams on the roads. In other words: mass tourism. But the largest Greek island has much more to offer! Even for a nice quiet holiday with authentic culture and beautiful nature Crete is a great destination. Especially in the south and west of this island.

skyline with mosque of chania

The wild west

On the western part of Crete you'll find the province of Chania. Far away from the busiest resorts on the island you will find here wild nature with impressive gorges. But you can also enjoy the endless sandy beaches in this area. This is also the part of the island where once the famous movie Zorba the Greek was recorded. Delightful villages, winding roads, authentic village squares and beautiful monasteries are all elements that make you feel as if you are flashed back to the Greece of a long time ago.


The city of Chania (see picture) is far away the most beautiful town of the island. With a maze of streets, hospitable people and a delicious kitchen, this is the place to be - and to come back!

The sunny south

Here in the far south of Europe you can see the wind of the African continent may feel. Also in this part of the island you will find beautiful ravines such as Ímbros Gorge, seven miles long and sometimes just a few meters wide. In lovely port towns you'll find the life of the Cretans in peace watch. And are you looking for some more fun, Rethymnon is a city that certainly is worth a visit. The south of Crete is a must for lovers of the real Greece.


Want to see more?Click on this image for an impression of Chania: