Holidays in Greece

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Italian atmosphere on a Greek island

The Old Town of Corfu

Wandering through the old streets of the island capital, enjoy a walk through the lush landscape or strolling through traditional villages? On the Greek island of Corfu it's all possible.

We call this island Corfu, the Greeks talk about Kerkyra. This beautiful green island in the Mediterranean Sea is an ideal introduction to best things that Greece offers you. You can walk, cycle or enjoy the most excellent beaches. And in the evening you'll meet the friendly islanders tasting the delicious Greek food and a glass of retzina.

Too good to be true

Corfu TownThat sounds almost too good to be true. Yet Corfu is blessed with all natural conditions for a perfect holiday. The island is too small for mass tourism and big enough to enjoy your stay for a few weeks. The landscape is very varied, for example. In the north you'll find high mountains, as the Pantokrator (917 meters). From the top you can overview the whole island and the picturesque mountain villages at the slopes. The center of Corfu has a hilly character. And the south is relatively flat and green. Here you will find endless woods of olive trees.

Walking on Corfu

The island of Corfu is a good place for hiking, cycling or car trips. The paperback 'Corfu' from Sunflower is a perfect walking guide and also contains a few car routes. A must for anyone who goes to Corfu and would not only enjoy the beautiful beaches.



The capital of the island is a place of endless enjoyment. Over thecenturies the town had many foreign influences. You'll taste something of an Italian atmosphere on a Greek island. The old town, full of impressive mansions, invites you to stroll quietly through the narrow streets, pleasant shopping and then out to gather on a typical Greek terrace. The best place to view the busy life of the town in a pleasant way. Also visit the Orthodox Cathedral, the Byzantine museum and the two forts in the town.

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