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Chios: walking on the moon!


Chios is a Greek island with an own unique character. On a rented motorbike you can see the whole island easily. The beautiful mediaeval towns of Mesta and Pyrgi for example. The northern part is a visit worth as well. On the picture toy see how bare it is in the north. Forest-fires destroyed most of the original vegetaChiostion. Sometimes you think you're walking on the moon. You can see much more on Chios. It's a very quiet island. You can enjoy the sunshine on one of the beautiful beaches and you can also visit the villages and other interesting spots. Chios has it's own airplane so it's easy to get there.

Chios Town is very atmospheric. Along the wharf you'll find pleasant terraces and in the middle of the city there's a park with in the summer an open air movie theater. Quite otherwise is the atmosphere in the mastic villages, where many traditions have been remained. The mastic bushes that grow on this part of the island are unique. This mastic is harvested in August and September and is for instance used for therapeutic goals. But you can also buy mastic-chewing gum!  

Take a look at Chios now, click on this picture: