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Bye bye Afissos

Our trip to the peninsula of Pelion was a very special experience. We had never seen so much green in Greece before. An authentic area, full of beautiful spots en special people. A part of our travelstory:

Holidays in Afissos

Peliwhat??? As soon as we told our friends that we went to the village Afissos in the Greek district Pelion this year, nobody knew what we were talking about. Even we ourselves didn't know what we could expect. But the website of our travelagency promissed a lot of beautiful nature, picturesque villages and quiet beaches. So we packed our luggage for the real Greece!

The end of june. We read a lot about the area, we studied the map and we even knew about the rich history of this part of Greece. But still we were a little bit nervous. We love quiet areas but shouldn't it be too quiet in this unknown part of Greece? On the internet there was not much information about Afissos. The travelguide we bought showed only two old men on the square of the village. Should they be the only people in Afissos nowadays? Just in case we put some extra literature in our suitcases.

When we arrived on the airplane of Volos we took the bus to the south. The first stop was in de lively resort of Kala Nera: a very cosy place. The bus went emptier and emptier and we still had six kilometres to go. Finally we arrived. Because the accomodation was before the village had to wait for our first view of Afissos. 

But there it was. I'll never forget this moment, the moment we saw the view of Afissos for the very first time. A small harbour with cure boats, pavements along the waterfront, white houses against the hills: the village of our dreams. And from that evening the village square of Afissos become our place to be. We didn't meet the two man from the picture in our travelguide. But we met a cosy tavern, managed by a family that welcomed us with open arms. It was a place to enjoy the small surprises of life. A cosy mix of tourists en Greek, a friendly baker on the corner, children playing till late in the evening and Greek women, talking on small chairs about the daily worries.

With Afissos as our new hometown, we discoverd the whole area. With a lot of differend landscapes. In the south we went through a patchwork of cottonfields and woods. With picturesque villages and quiet bays to take a swim. And we visited the higher part of the Pelion with fabulous views. In a place called Chania you can even do wintersports when it's cold enough!

We didn't realized it, when our last evening was there. On the village square of Afissos it was as if time stood still. A holiday that never ends. But as if the Greek gods wanted to put us back in reality, a huge thunderstorm burst. In the beginning it looked far away but suddenly it was our turn. Tables full of half bottles of wine, dishes with sardines and souvlaki's were brought inside and even electricity fall out. Candle appeared and so our last evening in Afissos became a very special one. When the rain and thunder stopped the mother of the family kissed us goodbye. And than we disappeared in the night. Waving goodbye to that unique spot, those friendly faces, the beautiful village of Afissos and the Pelion. It was an unforgetable experience!

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